The Acusticom Band

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Gabriele Cipolletti

Guitars and vocals

Few players on the scene today have the dedication and experience of Gabriele Cipolletti. This is a musician who has been playing guitar and bass, and delighting audiences with his singing, since 1965. He and his brother, Gianni, have a seamless, tight musical partnership that only brothers could accomplish. Among their musical achievements is their LP release in 1985 of their recording, VARESE, the name of their band at the time. Gabriele is a born showman with a natural talent for connecting with his audience, giving his listeners an unforgettable experience of the ACUSTICOM sound. His vocals are known for their power and dynamics—he can bring the band down to a whisper and drive it—and the crowd—back up to a fury as he charges through the band’s repertoire of great American Roots tunes. When not performing, Gabriele tends to his collection of musical instruments—another aspect of this player’s dedication to his craft.

Suona la ritmica dal 1965 e la sua collezione di chitarre e’ notevole. Ha dato vita al progetto “Varese” con il fratello Gianni incidendo nel 1985 l’omonimo LP. Showman per natura, un po’ istrionico, con la sua voce potente ed estesa riesce a coinvolgere e ad appassionare il pubblico alla musica degli ACUSTICOM.